y1zGeneral Handling
All thesEVER-COLORStshould be handled with the special care as same as
precise optical glass elements like lenses, prism, mirror, etc. employed in various
fine optical instruments.

y2z Durability

A piece ofsEVER-WHITEtNo.9582 which had been stored for more than eight
years in the original case at room temperature with average relative humidity of 60%,
and it was confirmed that the piece did show any practical change in its charateristcs
of reflectance and other properties [1].

However, as a rule, use and keepsEVER-COLORSt in the neutral dry atmosphere
for regular measurements.

y3zCleaning Surface
For the polished optical flat surface most of the reliable cleaning agents and@wiping
fabrics specially woven are available not only for optical glass but also for
However, before applying these procedure, surface dust must be removed
thoroughly by browing or washing lest give any scratches on the surface.

Howadays, new types of disposable texture for the purpose have been developed by
some of polymer-fiber makers in Japan.

For cleaning ground (mat) surface, ultrasonic cleaner can be used with neutral pH
media, following thorough rinse to remove residual media. @

@@ y4zEnvironmental Temperature
@@@Data of the reflectance and chromaticity characteristics have been obtained at room
@@@temperature, therefore, avoid using
sEVER-COLORStunder such harsh conditions
@@@as in which sudden change of temperature and uneven thermal distribution may occur.


@@[1] ON AGING IN REFLECTANCE OFsEVER-WHITEt, A Technical Note by Hitoshi Komatsubara,
@Japan Color Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan., July 14, 1988.